March 4, 2021

Review: Grizzly II: Revenge

The other night I watched a screener for GRIZZLY II: REVENGE starring EVERYONE!!! YES! EVERYONE!


Well…one day…a 16-ft grizzly bear and her two cute, adorable cubs are playing in the forest. Along comes a poacher…he kills these two cute, adorable cubs…and THINKS he’s killed tha mama as well. WRONGGGG!!! Mama grizzly wakes up and decides to kill everyone in it’s path. Unfortunately, a promoter has decided to have this massive outdoor concert in the same park where the mama grizzly is pissed in. So, a super cool Ranger, a Bear Manager (I didn’t know they existed) and the BEST bear hunter decide to stop this 16-ft pissed off grizzly bear before it kills the entire state!!


Wow. Apparently, it took 37 years to finally finish it. Rumor has it (cuz I wasn’t there)…the producer partner disappeared and the movie had no money left to finish it. GRIZZLY II: REVENGE is from the 80’s. 1983 to be exact. If you’re a fan of 80’s movies like me…it might be worth your time. It’s insane though. A roller coaster of emotions. At times, I found myself thinking…

“WTF am I watching”

“I need more blood!”

“Go mama bear!!”

“Ohhh mannnn I love her.”

“What happened? Did they cut something out?”

“Holy crap everyone’s in this movie!”

“Oh this is bad.”

“I hate that dude. Mama grizzly needs to eat his ass!!”

As you can see… a lot of emotions. 😂

Deborah Foreman from April Fool’s Day and Valley Girl is in this. I was sooooo in love with her growing up in the 80’s…some of the best dimples to ever hit the big screen.

Even the rat dude from Harry Potter’s in this…a very young Timothy Spall!!

George Clooney, Charlie Sheen and Laura Dern from Jurassic Park is in this too. I read that this is supposedly their very first movie. I’m telling y’all…everyone’s in this!!

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It’s a crazy movie. 🤪

I was upset that the ONE person I wanted eaten in this movie – – it didn’t happen. No one messes with my Chrissy! (Deborah Foreman)

I gotta say…10 minutes before the movie ends…I was completely lost. 🤪 There was soooo much going on. A grizzly at the concert, fireworks, a dude on fire, a Ranger and Bear Manager who can’t drive, a bear hunter….so much stuff!!! It’s freaking nuts! GRIZZLY II: REVENGE will be a cult classic. They need to show this on the Syfy channel like ASAP! 😎

GRIZZLY II: REVENGE is available in select theaters and on demand today!

If you watch it – let me know what you thought!


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