February 25, 2021

Movie Review: DON’T LOOK BACK

We got another scary, supernatural movie y’all!!! FINAL DESTINATION creator Jeffrey Reddick brings us DON’T LOOK BACK…and I finally made the time to watch it last night and I’m so glad I did. Hell, I should have watched it sooner. 😂

Ok, without giving away any spoilers…let me tell you what it’s about.

There’s a girl named Caitlin Kramer…and one day…she and a few strangers witness a dude get his a** kicked…like really, really bad. Instead of helping him…some stand there, some record the event and some just freeze…either way… “something” happens to this dude…and well, when that does…witnesses start dying. Caitlin, with the help of a detective, her boyfriend and victim’s brother – is determined to find out who’s knocking off the witnesses…while staying alive. Crazy thing is…are the witnesses getting killed by a person OR something dark and evil?!

Well, I’m not going to tell you. 😂 You just have to watch it!


Everything. I really, really liked this movie. I especially enjoyed watching Kourtney Bell who plays Caitlin. I thought she did great. I was definitely on her side the entire movie…there were a few times I said, “What the hell are you doing girl?” “Don’t trust that fool girl!” 😂 30 minutes into the movie though – I thought I had it figured out. Nope. Then “something” happens and I was like, “Oh yeah. I thought so. I got this now.” Nope again. I definitely enjoyed the twists and turns DON’T LOOK BACK gave me…I like it when a movie proves me wrong. 😂

I was also a fan of the crow. It brought back the “feels” of Brandon Lee’s THE CROW. Great movie and I miss that dude.


Absolutely nothing. I was a satisfied customer.😎

Look, I personally enjoyed the movie. You might like…or you might not. Do I think it’s worth the watch. Yep. If you do happen to check it out. Let me know what you thought.

Thanks for checking out my review and have a great week!


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