February 25, 2021

Movie Reaction: Bone Tomahawk

Kurt Russell in a western?! Come on now…


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Like I mentioned in my IG post…BONE TOMAHAWK is totally worth the watch. I did see a couple of people not liking the film, especially about this one scene. I can not lie…my mouth did drop open. 😳

Kurt Russell was great, Patrick Wilson was great…he almost gave me an anxiety attack a few times though. Matthew Fox and Richard Jenkins were probably my favorites of the film. Lili Simmons who plays Samantha O’Dwyer was nice on the eyes AND the smartest one in the entire movie. #GirlPower!

BONE TOMAHAWK is about these four characters who go on a rescue mission to save Mrs. O’Dwyer and a deputy from some cave Indians who aren’t really Indians. I mean, apparently some tribes don’t claim these tribe cuz…well…they be crazy!!!

Once the movie starts….it doesn’t stop. There are some scenes…man!! Just check it out…I watched it on Amazon Prime. Let me know when you see it.

I give BONE TOMAHAWK 4 1/2 out 5 tomahawks! DON’T watch the trailer…just watch the movie with fresh eyes. lol


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