January 25, 2021

Mike’s Movie Reaction: A DARK PATH

I’m sooooooo behind in my screeners…with Covid-19 crap, online schooling my 6 yr old, regular household stuff, life and entertaining my 2 1/2 yr old…movie watching gets lost in all that.

So! Last night, while everyone was sleeping…I made the time to watch A DARK PATH.



Mannnnnn I really wanted to like this one…but you never know, maybe you’d like it. For me, it fell short. It took too long to get to the action and when it did…it was kind of flat…then the creature…I was hoping for more and better kills with it but never got it. AND the ending…normally if a movie ends like that…I can accept it if the whole movie was entertaining but….

I’m sure the cast are great and it was fun making the movie but…A DARK PATH and I just didn’t jell well. Let me know if you check it out – give me your thoughts.

A DARK PATH is available on digital, On Demand and DVD.


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