April 20, 2021

Mike TV Review: Six “Blood Brothers” 

OK. First. Bear better get his home life straight. His wife seems to be at her breaking point…that cemetery scene. Whoa. Bust seriously Bear…she’s cool and hot! (lol)

Rip being Rip was awesome. He’s such a cool, smart ass. 🙂

Loved when SEAL Team Six was getting ready…pretty cool watching all their rituals before they go on a mission.

Ughhhhhhhhhhh and why do they do that to us?! (Lol) Just as the bad guy shuts the door on Rip…the episode ends!!!!! Now. We have to wait for Wednesday’s season finale. Can you believe it? The season finale! Ohhhhh mannnnnn. I bet I have a panic attack. (Lol) If any of the team dies…ohhhhh mannnnnnn!!

SIX is such a dope series….totally worth the watch.


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