February 28, 2021

Mike Movie Reaction: GET DUKED!

MOVIE FANS!! How are y’all doing this Saturday night?! Hope all is well during this crazy a** pandemic.

So. Last night I finally checked out the Amazon Original GET DUKED!


Soooooo what did I think of GET DUKED!?

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY liked this one. It’s totally my kind of flick. Lets start with the cast…

They were GREAT. 😂 I thought there was a lot going on and everyone was spot on. Too funny.

The countryside was awesome and GREEN!! The whole time I was watching…I was thinking, “Man, I really wanna visit there…minus the hunting murderers.” 😂

The music used in the movie. Perfect. It was like the music had it’s own roll to do…and that roll was to bring it all together.

The story. Insane. Hilarious. If I still drank…man!! I would have loved to have a couple of cocktails while watching this. 😂 Oh and that ending. HOLY S*IT BALLS. Funny and WTF?! 😂

I did try to get my wife to watch with me but – – those hard accents – – she couldn’t follow…at all. Some of y’all might wanna use subtitles. I didn’t. 😂

I give GET DUKED! 4 out of 5 popcorns!

GET DUKED! Now only on Prime Video


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