Mike Movie Reaction: ATTACK OF THE UNKNOWN

Movie fans!! Late last night, I checked out ATTACK OF THE UNKNOWN…


Yooooo before I give my thoughts on ATTACK OF THE UNKNOWN…I gotta say…back in 2011…when I hosted the Summit Entertainment booth at Comic-Con. My boy Crisco Kidd and I were walking around and who did we bump into?

Robert LaSardo himself…a VERY cool dude who didn’t have a problem taking a quick photo with two of his fans. He’s a lot scarier in his movies. 😂 Ok, why am I brining this up? …well he happens to be in ATTACK OF THE UNKNOWN, that’s why! 😂

Ok…back to the movie. 😂

What did I think of ATTACK OF THE UNKNOWN?

I thought it was fun watch. Aliens attack Los Angeles while a SWAT team is trying to transport a super bad dude. What’s not to like? SWAT vs ALIENS.

I was surprised to see Richard Grieco…I haven’t seen him since the MOBSTERS flick, 21 JUMP STREET and BOOKER. Man, I was a fan of BOOKER. Ohhhh the good ole days. Well, he’s in this and…I wasn’t too happy on how…NO SPOILERS! 😂

Tara Reid’s in this and…well…I’m going to spoil this – – she’s in it like 5 minutes!!! I wanted to see her kick some ass!!! But instead she’s in some kind of flashback. Boooooo!!! 😂

Overall I thought it was cool. I do wish it would have had more gore though – Yeah…now that I think about it…the aliens had a cool way of killing people – – – and – – – I think some of the kills were rushed and wasted. They could have seriously f***ed up some people. 😂 Which would have meant MORE GOREEEEE!!

I give ATTACK OF THE UNKNOWN… 3 out of 5 popcorns!

ATTACK OF THE UNKNOWN is now in theaters and On Demand.


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