February 25, 2021

Linda of New York Chats with The Tax Collector’s Chelsea Rendon #interview

The Tax Collector Review and Interview by Linda Ruiz

For my family I live! For my family I die! For my family I kill! This visceral growl from David (Bobby Soto) as he destroys El Conejo  (Jose  Conejo Martin) to save his family, is the theme and truth of ‘ The Tax Collector ‘. David Ayer (Training Day, Bright, Last Watch) once again brings to the screen tales of  the hood he grew up in. ‘The Tax Collector’ delves deeper in family loyalty , respect and community which separates  it from  the cholo drug movie genre into a class of it’s  own.

David and his family- Tio  Louis ( George  Lopez), cousin Lupe ( Chelsea Rendon), wife Alexis (Cinthya Carmona)  all work  for Wizard (Jimmy Smits), who is the head of this organization currently running the entire operation from jail.   Wizard  sends  weekly orders to the family via swallowed notes places in $1 candy bars and  burner phones.

Creeper ( Shia La  Beouf)  is the  enforcer half of ‘The Tax Collector” team. La Beouf gives an nuanced intensity  to Creeper, who  can be cool,  polite or terrifying  depending on the situation.  The yin to David’s yang ,  Creeper will be ride with  him until the wheels fall off.   When Wizards past visits his family, sins and secrets threaten to destroy all that David holds dear and  a true King is revealed.

David Ayer spins a tale so deep and so real that you find yourself emotionally invested in this family .  Chelsea Rendon, (the only reason  why I even reviewed this film)  nominated for an Imagen Award for “Vida” has  more insight into ‘The Tax  Collector “ as well as her next project.  Take a listen.


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