Elliot the Littlest Reindeer movie by Linda Ruiz

The North Pole is buzzing with the news – Blitzen is retired and Santa is short a reindeer!  Reindeer owners throughout the North Pole are gearing up and preparing for the competition to take Blitzens spot. No reindeer is training harder than Elliott (Josh Hutcherson) especially since he is so small. That and the fact that he is a miniature horse only drives him and his best friend Hazel ( Samantha Bee) to train harder and figure out a way to make him look like a reindeer in 3 days!

His biggest rival at the farm is DJ, Donner Jr (Christopher Jacot)  whose owner Walter (Rob Tinkler) is relying on to win the competition to save the farm. Elliot doesn’t let DJ throw him off his practice schedule with his insults and tricks. He continues to train despite DJ’s attempts to discourage him daily.

Hazel sticks by Elliot and helps him register ( without his human ) when he finally disguises himself as a reindeer to compete.  Surprisingly the other reindeer believe Elliot is one of the them, just  smaller – a lot smaller. While rummaging in the kitchen for food Hazel soon discovers there’s a lot more going on at the North Pole besides the competition.

It seems Christmas as we know it is definitely in jeopardy and nosy reporter  Corky ( Morena  Baccarin) is determined to get her story. What are the elves up to? What is in those special cookies given only  to the reindeer?  What are the  fleet of shiny jet skis for?  Who is the mysterious woman who wants to buy Walter’s farm?

Jennifer Wescott wrote and directed this film which is not just another  generic Christmas tale. She has woven  a story with important messages that children will understand.  The importance  of believing in yourself, real friendship, and staying true to who you are.  There are a few for us adults as well which we can discuss with them over a cup of hot chocolate.  Elliot the littlest Reindeer, is destined to become a new holiday classic.



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