Linda Movie Review: CHASING GREAT

CHASING GREAT movie review by Linda Ruiz

Richie McCaw is the retired captain of the New Zealand All Black Rugby team. He was not a gifted or exceptional athlete as a child or even young adult, but he went on to become the greatest Captain and rugby player in the world.

For fifteen years, (1999-2015) Richie McCaw dominated the sport and was the focus of rugby fans and sportswriters worldwide. The All Black team is the only rugby team to win the Rugby World Cup back to back in 2011 and 2015. The devastating loss in the quarterfinals against Argentina in 2007 was the catalyst for this achievement that would crown his career.

Chasing Great takes you through his life – from the time he developed an interest in rugby, his commitment to be the greatest All Black and his journey to play and win his last World Cup.  McCaw is a study in determination and laser focus. Not only did he study players, referees, and tapes of past games, he studied himself. When he recognized that his greatest obstacle was his mind, he sought the help of forensic (sports) psychologists to learn how to develop mental strength.

His journey from shy farm boy to international rugby legend and hero is a fascinating story. It takes a man of great character to look within himself, recognize his faults and weakness, then eradicate them.

Some athletes turn lemon into lemonade, McCaw made lemon merengue pie and it was good!


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