June 24, 2021

Linda in New York’s Comic Review: Disney’s ZERO’S JOURNEY

Review by: Linda in New York

Zero is the star of this lushly colored graphic novel  from Tokyopop.  Jack Skellingtons ghost pup gets lost and his adventure take  him to Christmas Town. Jack is beside himself with worry not knowing where  Zero is. Halloween  might be canceled if Zero is not reunited with Jack soon. Will the people of Christmas Town get Zero home in time? Will Christmas be canceled too?  Find out in “Zero’ Journey”,  The continuing story of Disney’s “The Nightmare before Christmas”.

Written by  Dj Milky and bought  to life by artists, Kei Ishiyama, Kiyoshi Arai, David Hutchinson and  Dan Conner .

This graphic novel includes the FCBD issue #0 plus #1-4 as well as extra bonus material!

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