April 15, 2021

HAPPY CLEANERS (2021) Review

Yayyyyy for me. I finally finished watching Julian Kim and Peter S. Lee’s drama flick…

Ok y’all, here’s the lowdown on the movie…

A beautiful story of acceptance and reconciliation, the film tells the story of a Korean American family and their fight to save their dry cleaning business in Flushing, Queens NY. When the Choi family lose their dry cleaning business, they learn to love each other to survive the crisis and heartaches that they cause each other.


I FREAKING LOVED IT!! I really did. I thought it was great.

Before I go on any further. Don’t watch the trailer. It shows stuff and spoilers can suck at times.😂  Now don’t get me wrong…the trailer doesn’t ruin anything…it’s just that you don’t need it. Just take my word. HAPPY CLEANERS is worth the watch.

Right from the beginning…huge family explosion. Totally caught me off guard but totally got my attention. 😂  Now that I think about it…that little “movie blurb” at the beginning of this review…ignore it. I think there’s wayyyyyy more to this movie than that little blurb. Yes, there is a dry cleaning business and yes, it’s the hub of all their problems but there are separate stories with each of the family members that intertwine with the dry cleaning business. Just watch it, you’ll see what I’m talking about. 😂

Wait a secondddddddd…yeah…their family is like some of the food dishes prepared in this movie. There’s a lot of moving parts, a lot of flavors but once it comes together….BAM!!! IT IS ALL GOOD.

Ok, why am I bringing up food. Because there is a LOT of it in this movie. Don’t watch this movie if you’re hungry. 😂  Everything looked hella yummy. I had no clue what most of it was but damn…it looked guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud.

All the Korean food, the way it was prepared and how it’s spread on the table…and the tacos! Yes, the taco truck. It all reminded of CHEF…another movie not to watch when you’re hungry. 😂


Yep. Mom and daughter. They have this scene together that was insaneeeeeee!! Even though there was yelling and crying involved…it was great to watch. Next one for me…daughter and Danny…that was another intense, great moment.

GRANDMA!! I really liked her. Anything she was in. I liked. 😁


YES!! The freaking landlord. Man I wanted to punch him in his throat. Total douche bag…oh…and there’s this girl…ohhhhhhh I was hoping Kevin was going to throw her out on her ass. 😂

HAPPY CLEANERS is a roller coaster of emotions. I was all over the place with these characters. Normally when I watch something – if i don’t like someone – I usually stay that way throughout the entire movie…but in HAPPY CLEANERS…I would like everyone…then be mad at them…then back to liking some of them…then back to not liking them…then….it all worked itself out.

Dope movie y’all. Shoutouts to the cast and whoever cooked the bomb ass food. Good stuff.

HAPPY CLEANERS is now available on demand.


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