March 4, 2021

GetAWAY #Horror Review

Last night I checked out an early screener for the upcoming film, GetAWAY!


The GetAWAY is about a group of college films students who join a fellow student named Tabitha in helping her make her final school film project…a movie…but not any kind of movie…a SLASHER movieeeeee!!!

One of the dude’s in the group, Krog…his dad owns multiple cabins out of town at this campsite resort located in the woods. Tabitha and he figure this would be the perfect location to make the movie.

Once they arrive, bodies start dropping. See, there’s a killer running around the campsite killing the students and FILMING the murders. Whaaaaaa!! (that takes skills)


OK, before I go any further…DO NOT watch the trailer. It shows quite a few killings and I don’t want y’all to get spoiled.

OK, now let’s talk movie.

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY liked it!  I really did. I’m not going to lie…when I first watched the trailer…I didn’t think it was going to be top notch…but I was wrong.

The first 6 minutes BOOM!! Sets the stage for what’s to come. I really liked the beginning of the movie – like the intro. I totally dug all the clips from past movies. Good job to whoever did that.

The kills were cool and believable. There’s an MLB scene. MAN!! Talk about OUCH! Some of the cast stood out more for me as well…Michael Recchia who plays Krog. I thought he was hilarious and added the perfect amount of comedy and one liners to this slasher movie in a slasher movie. 😂  I also liked Franchesca Contreras who plays Harlowe. I thought she was cool, bad ass but…well…you’ll see.

I also liked the Friday the 13th feel it had. It brought back some of my old school memories of me watching horror, slasher flicks as a little Mike…my favorite to this day.

Once again, I really enjoyed the movie from beginning to end. It’s got kills, a creepy caretaker, a little sexy time, twists and turns…a perfect recipe for a fun watch. 😄

GETAWAY hits VOD today and is directed by Blayne Weaver…great job dude and great job to the cast.

Oh and if still wanna to watch the trailer…here you go…BUT…you have been warned. It shows a lot.


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