April 15, 2021

Entertainment News: Claudia Vergara of “Latinx Now!”

Claudia Vergara, From Fashion to Broadcast Media

Get to know Claudia Vergara – fashionista, social media influencer and host of the new show “Latinx Now!”

Latinx Now! is the first multi-platform show produced in both English and Spanish, created for Spanish-speaking bilingual audiences. Telemundo, E! and Universo have made history in creating a program that reflects the culture and the language of bicultural audiences in the United States and in Latin America. The show, which premiered on October 3 is hosted by the popularly known social media influencers Christian Acost, Nastassja Bolivar and Claudia Vergara. The show aims to draw the attention of the GenMs (millennials, multicultural and mobile). As Nastassja herself mentioned during the premiere episode, “the show isn’t 50% English nor 50% Spanish but it’s 100% American and 100% Latinx.” This half-hour show is available in both languages and will feature interviews with the hottest Latino celebrities from the entertainment fashion and beauty world, and so much more.

Host Claudia Vergara shared how thrilled she was when she found out that she would be a part of a show like Latinx Now! that showcases both cultures. She identifies herself as “super Latin and super Colombian,” but after having lived in the United States for the past 9 years she feels a part of this culture as well. One of the things she likes best about it is the inclusiveness of all genders and cultures. How this is a show for everyone and how even the title shows its inclusiveness of all genders and cultures. This show depicts a shift and takes on a new significance of what it means to be a Hispanic millennial.

With over 175,000 followers on Instagram, this fashion and lifestyleinfluencer assures us she keeps her feet firmly on the ground, especially to keep her authenticity. “If you follow me on social media, you’ll see I’m the same person on the show that you see on the online,” Claudia says. The pressure to do things well and to remain the way she is important to her, considering that her aunt is actress Sofia Vergara, whom she sees as an example because “she is a great role model to follow and gives me ten thousand tips every day… She is the one who gives me the best advice,” Claudia  assures us.

There is no doubt that Claudia has a high esteem for her aunt and that she expects to be able to share the passion and love for her own projects in the same way she does. And although Claudia’s passion until today was fashion, she has now been focused more on Latinx Now!, given that it’s a new challenge and she wants to focus her energy on it.  . “I need to learn a great deal and although I will continue with my fashion line [Violetta Rose], both projects will go hand in hand, as we will be touching on a lot of fashion and style topics in the show.”

Claudia is a student and a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Ángeles and afterwards worked with Oscar de la Renta in New York City. Despite being very much involved in the high fashion world, she also feels very comfortable just wearing tennis shoes, jeans and a simple T-shirt for the day-to-day. She identifies her style as “very Colombian but also very L.A.,” since both cultures have been a great influence in her life.

Don’t miss an episode of Latinx Now! – every Wednesday, in Spanish at 1pm ET on the Telemundo Entretenimiento and Universo YouTube channel, and in English, at 3pm ET on the E! News YouTube channel.


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