DAWN OF THE BEAST (2021) Review

Yooooooooooo I’m so late with this review. 😭

Several weeks ago I had the chance to watch a screener of DAWN OF THE BEAST.


Did you see that trailer?

Talk about awesome!! Yes. It starts off as a Bigfoot, student story but then goes dark when we’re introduced to the Wendigo. Well, actually…the students are introduced to the Wendigo. 😀  (Weird thing is…this is like my second or third Wendigo movie in the past 6 months. Should I be worried?)

Ok. DAMN OF THE BEAST is a pretty sweet movie y’all. Blood and guts, Bigfoot, the Wendigo, crazy ass creatures, possessed people…it’s dope!! I don’t wanna spoil anything but if you’re a fan of horror, supernatural stuff – check out DAWN OF THE BEAST.

I just looked and it’s available online so stream that sucka and let me know what you think!


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