March 3, 2021

ANTRUM / The Deadliest Film Ever Made Gets Australian VOD Release

Ok…this is very weird. Like really weird.
Just now…like not even an hour ago – the wifey, the boys and I were watching an episode of Bubble Guppies during breakfast. It was the farmer episode and who’s in this episode messing with the farm animals?! A THREE-HEADED DOG! No lie. I even mentioned to my wife, “They’re actually using Cerberus in their cartoon?” – My son then asks who Cerberus was so then dropped some Greek Mythology on him. ?
Then about 30 minutes later, I grabbed my laptop and started checking emails – – one of the email’s was from Jinga Films (see below) with this ANTRUM press release. While reading it – I clicked on the link below and what’s in the featurette from the film…
Now that’s freaky. Is that a sign?
Should I watch the screener or should I say, “HELLLL NAWWWWWW!!”

PRESS RELEASE – April 16th 2020
Jinga Films and SC Movies are pleased to announce that the award winning occult horror film ANTRUM is now available in Australia on all digital platforms including Foxtel Store, Itunes, Google Play and FetchTV. ANTRUM which is currently trending at number one on Amazon Prime in the US has been linked to the deaths of 56 people who perished when a cinema screening the film burned to the ground in Hungary. Rumoured to be cursed, all copies were destroyed and ANTRUM was thought to be lost until Canadian documentary film-makers Michael Laichini and David Amito discovered an inter-negative in a laboratory in Budapest. To find out why ANTRUM is considered to be the deadliest film ever made, please visit the following link.
Since its world premiere at Brooklyn Horror Film Festival in New York, ANTRUM has been selected to screen at many key genre festivals including BIFFF (Belgium), Sitges (Spain), Morbido (Mexico) Celluloid Screams (UK) and Horrible Imaginings (US) where it won Best Film.


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