April 15, 2021

6 Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Social Media Trending Topics that Will Make You the Talk of the Town


KRAMPUS, the upcoming film from Universal and Legendary Pictures, which hits theaters Friday, December 4, first scared up major heat on social media when its official trailer was released in late summer. And now, a time when many of us are scrambling to find the perfect Halloween costume, a look at some of the biggest trending topics of the year may provide some inspiration. Below are six costume ideas based on social media trending topics that are sure to make you the talk of the town this Halloween.

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DONALD TRUMP. Like him or not, the Donald is quite popular these days and will no doubt inspire a legion of wannabes.

Donald Trump

Source: Twitter – @ComplexMag

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POPE FRANCIS. The polemic and admired religious leader is among the year’s most popular and talked about figures, especially after his recent visit to the U.S.

Pope Francis

Source: Twitter – @ComplexMag

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KRAMPUS. What’s scarier than Santa’s long lost demonic sidekick that snatches kids away for being naughty? Inspired by the film of the same name due in theaters December 4, which is based on a Nordic legend featuring a half goat, half demon, horned Christmas monster, don’t miss your opportunity to scare the KRAMPUS out of everyone.


Source: Instagram – Legendary

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MINIONS. Having caused havoc at the box office this summer and soon available on DVD, we can never get enough of these silly, banana loving creatures.


Source: Twitter – @ComingSoon.net

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STAR WARS. As fans anxiously await the theatrical release of The Force Awakens, this coming December 18, celebrate your favorite character and show that the force is with you.

Star Wars

Source: Twitter – @StarWars

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NEW YORK PIZZA RAT. It’s not a man. It’s not a plane. It’s a rat and he wants his fare share. This humble rodent captivated us all and lit up social media when a video of him carrying a huge slice of pizza down the stairs at a NYC subway was posted online.


Source: Twitter – @NewYorkPizzaRat



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