Lisa - NYC

Lisa – New York City

Well hello there.. My name is Lisa Loyola formerly Zepeda but I’m still not used to the name change.. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I worked in radio for about 7 years and for the majority of that time I was the promotions coordinator for Mega 101 FM. I’ve worked for a few movie promotion companies executing screenings in the Houston area.  A few years ago I decided it was time for a move, packed my bags and jumped to NYC. I’m currently working multiple gigs but my favorite is working for film festivals including the Tribeca Film Festival and recently Nantucket Film Fest. I LOVE all types of movies and have recently gotten more into documentaries. I also really enjoy dancing, reading (but not at the same time lol) and I’m obsessed with being out and about, taking advantage of all the crazy stuff there is to do in the BIG Apple.

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Kristin – Miami

Hey there!  I’m Kristin…a New Jersey born, Miami, FL resident who was born in 1984 and loves all things 80’s.  I’m a fully online Journalism and Digital Media major at the University of Florida, while working full time, reading when I can and blogging/hosting on the side.  As a self-proclaimed nerd, pop culture junkie who loves music, writing, television, movies, sports and animals, I can be pretty opinionated.  I began writing television and movie reviews for Variety Radio Online in May 2014 and I haven’t looked back!  I also began doing On-Air reviews for the The VRO and started my own blog in the process.  I’ve always had a passion for writing, and felt it was easier to express myself that way than trying to find actual words.  So, here I am!  I look forward to writing more reviews for iwatchmike.com and keeping in touch with all of you!

Blog: accordingtokristin.com

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Jesus – Los Angeles

Los Angeles writer/reporter Jesus Figueroa has contributed to iwatchmike.com for more than 2 years. He has covered press days, press events, red carpets, reviews film, TV style interviews and podcast host on several podcasts.

Jesus if the owner or Thisfunktional.com is always busy doing something, blogging, writing, filming or just wandering the streets of LA typically dressed in all black.

As a movie fan, Jesus enjoys everything from horror to indie films and even the typical cheesy romance or comedy.

Jesus has studied journalism in college, has been learning real-world techniques from Mike “The Movie Guy” and continues to evolve his journalism style.


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Cindy – Houston

Hola bitches! My name is Cynthia, a lot of my close friends call me Cindy. I was born and raised right here in the H and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I LOVE my city and rep it everywhere I go. On my down time I enjoy chillin with my son, being his mom is the most rewarding thing ever, he has the best sense of humor (he gets it from his momma) and overall he kicks ass at life. On my own personal free time I like to read my magazines, organize my make-up, chill with my homies, I joke around a lot so we stay laughing. I like hitting up any of the awesome breweries we have in town, I enjoy trying new places to eat, which includes the hundreds of delicious food trucks all over Houston. There’s definitely some napping lol, for sure some shopping, and always catching up on celeb gossip with my BFF Jenny Fly! Watching trash reality TV is a guilty pleasure, I feel like I’m an honorary Kardashian/Housewife minus the cash and the husband lol. I also enjoy browsing social media for sales, fun events, and more gossip! If its summer time you will totally catch me working on my tan near some water, preferably a beach. I love meeting new peeps so, if you see me around don’t be scared to say WHAT UP! I swear I’m not mad that’s just my resting bitch face haha.

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Jennyfly – Houston

I said hey, what’s up, hello!! JK JK! Hey guys! I’m Jenny Fly or Jenny or Jennifer! I was born and raised in Houston, TX. I love everything about Houston. Not sure if I ever want to leave unless of course it’s to the beach. I’m all about the sun and the ocean or the pool. I really don’t like cold weather. I feel like work should be cancelled when it’s cold. I started radio at the young age of 18 and did it for about 8 – 10 years! I love radio and it was awesome talking to people every day on the air! Now I’m working in publicity and promotions for an agency in LA. I love to shop! You can catch me at the mall charging up my credit card. A few other things I love include; music, dancing, traveling, cooking, reading, fashion, movies, magazines/books, art and of course my amazing family and friends.I have 8 nieces and nephews that I adore and a fabulous Alaskan Malamute named Winston. Book recommendations are always welcomed! I work out, but only because I love food!! Who wants to be my trainer?? You can also catch me on Pierce’s Playground with Mike and my creeper Cindy. We talk all kinds of good shit like gossip, movies and music! Make sure to tune in and feel free to drop me a line at JennyFlyGirlRadio@Gmail.com or hit me up on social media:

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Sherita -Houston/LA/NY

Hey guys and gals! Since we’re all here because we love movies the first film I ever remember having an impact on me as a kid hands down is ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’. Definitely wasn’t the better choice for the parentals to let a 5 year old watch, but I credit them to the Horror nerd I am today. ‘The Lost Boys’, ‘Fright Night’ (1985), ‘Funny Games’, and ‘Psycho (1960) follow close behind as favorites as well as some of the pop culture greats ‘The Breakfast Club’, ‘Mean Girls’, and ‘Clueless’–because who doesn’t love a good quote drop??! When I’m not blabbing endlessly about films, I can usually be found being awkward, writing screenplays, in a beer, traveling, running away from my healthy diet, or slaving over Vodka and Cupcakes, an online source created by yours truly to laugh and understand the trials and triumphs of your anything but average 20something.





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Estee – Houston

Howdy! Yes, I went country on ya… I’m a native Houstonian but I’m also a full-fledged city gal! No, we do not ride horses to work! My love for entertainment actually came from Mr. Mike Pierce many many moons ago. I worked in the radio industry for 6 years with Clear Channel, Cox Radio and Univision. While working in promotions for radio I became the ‘Movie Queen’! I made sure our station was at every movie screening and gave away every DVD that released. I LOVED MOVIES!! So, of course when I left radio, I started working for a marketing firm that specialized in motion pictures. After 6 years working at my dream job, I decided it was time to go after my passion which is cooking. Currently, I am attending the Art Institute of Houston and hopefully get my culinary degree very soon. Who knows… maybe I’ll open up a movie theater and serve fancy pants food one day! You can also check out my food & entertainment blog called EsteeEatz.com.

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Keisha – New York

Hey guys! I’m Keisha, an entertainment journalist who is obsessed with Deadpool cosplayers. Originally from Florida, I dropped everything to move to New York for an internship at Entertainment Weekly. Since then, I’ve been freelancing for websites, eating as many authentic NY pizza slices as possible and gleefully playing in the snow whenever a storm hits.

As an avid movie goer and TV watcher with strong opinions, I find myself particularly drawn to comic book heroes like the X-Men, and almost every show airing on the CW Network. It should be noted that I would do anything for love but I won’t choose between Star Wars and Star Trek.

So far, my work has appeared in Entertainment Weekly and EW.com, Screen Rant, Complex.com, NYLON.com, The Mary Sue, Variety Radio Online, Life & Style, InTouch and EW’s Community. I’m so excited to join iwatchmike.com and can’t wait to bring you the latest in pop culture!


Twitter: @Keelime_

Instagram and Snapchat: Keelimefrapps

YouTube: Keisha Hatchett