#WonderWoman Live Snapchat Extravaganza!

It’s officially live!! I just checked SnapChat myself!! It’s the Wonder Woman Five Lens Takeover! Visit SnapChat now and try out some of the new filters! While your there – be sure to follow my Snaps at /mikethamovieguy

Channel your inner Wonder Woman 

UNLEASH YOUR POWER with the Lasso Lens!

EXPRESS YOUR GRACE with the Dual Lens!

EXPERIENCE THE WONDER with the Sunglasses Lens!

CELEBRATE A CLASSIC ICON with the Flower Crown Lens!

EMBODY WISDOM with the Black and White Atmospheric Lens!

FYI – All 5 lenses are are flighted to the user’s time zone. They launch and remain with the user until the day is over in their time zone.


Also, don’t forget to check out our Wonder Woman 16-bit Snapchat Game!

Play the Snapchat Version for a Lens Unlock! (mobile only): http://riseofthewarrior.wonderwomanfilm.com/snapchat/

Desktop Version: http://riseofthewarrior.wonderwomanfilm.com

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