WHOA! It’s the Sleepy Hollow “Ragnarok” Season 3 Finale Review [podcast]

Here it is Sleepy Heads!!! Amy (thevro.com) and I finally got together to recap the season 3 finale of Sleepy Hollow. Whoa! What a finale it was – – it caused quit a stir on the internet. (lol)

Well…here’s our recap – enjoy!!!

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  1. Phil Snow says:

    I am a former Sleepy Head. Here is what I think you are missing.

    The story’s premise was about two witnesses who were supposed to team up to stop the “armageddon” that was coming to Sleepy Hollow.

    Sleepy Heads invested time in this series in order for this to happen. When you kill a primary witness, the entire plot is void. The hatred toward the writers’ screwing up the series is not just because they killed off Abbie. It is because the writers had a great series and they screwed up the entire plot.

    The actors (Nicole and others) knew that the writing sucked and they left the show.

    The series did not follow what it itself set up.

    This show is NOT Supernatural or The Walking Dead. If I wanted to watch Supernatural or Walking Dead, I would watch it.

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