The Much-Anticipated Return of the Telemundo Hit Format Will Go Deeper into Provocative,

Contemporary Issues Anchored on Real-Life Stories

Telemundo is set to premiere its hit anthology show Decisiones – Unos Ganan, Otros Pierden (Decisions – Some Win and Others Lose) on Tuesday, December 10 at 9pm/8C. One of Telemundo’s most successful formats, Decisiones features entirely new plots, settings and characters inspired on real-life cases about what can happen to people based on their actions, presented with high-quality production values and an internationally renowned cast. The first installment of this thrilling new season will deal with controversial contemporary topics such as immigration, love triangles and crime scenes gone wrong, among many others. In addition, each episode will offer surprising information and real-life data about the issues and topics addressed, to increase awareness and generate further discussion among viewers.

Audiences can view full episodes of Decisiones live or catch up on Telemundo app on Google Play Store and Apple Store or by visiting To download images to complement your coverage, click here, and to view an on-air promo go to You Tube video

This new season of the internationally successful format brings more suspense, action and thrills – and is more grounded than ever in stories that are impacting people today. Inspired by chronicles of high-profile investigations, human identity cases, social and political struggles, each stand-alone episode revolves around a momentous decision that changes the lives of its main characters in a poignant, extraordinary and radical manner.

Below, the descriptions to the first five episodes:

The Hunter

William (Christopher Millán) is a 30-year-old disabled veteran who was shot during the war. Resentful and solitary, he becomes a member of a supremacist group and spends his free time hunting immigrants who cross the border. Until one night, he discovers a young pregnant Mexican woman named Rocío (Litzy) hidden in a shed, and his life changes forever.

Road Rage

Carlos López (Jorge Luis Pila), a married high school teacher and father, is having an affair with Lorena (Alejandra Villafañe), one of his students. One afternoon, while driving his car and arguing with Lorena, Carlos almost gets into an accident. When he steps out of the car to confront the other driver, they argue and Carlos hits the other man. He then decides to flee the scene, a knee-jerk decision that will turn his life upside-down.

The Trunk

Emilio (Adriano Zendejas), an engineering student with a promising future, ends his relationship with Alicia (Ana Cristina), who suddenly disappears. All the evidence points to him, while his mother, Helena (Laura Flores), a powerful and respected businesswoman, defends him to no end. Emilio discovers a secret trunk with clues to who the real killer was, a painful truth he needs to confront despite his possessive and controlling mother.

Intimate Videos

Andrés (Javier Jattin) is an attractive and wealthy executive in a trading company. Desired by most women, Andres secretly lives a dangerous and sexually deviant life as a sexual predator who films young innocent girls to create porn videos he uploads to adult sites and private chats. Emily (Elizabeth Minotta), Andrés’ humble and young assistant, discovers his crimes and must decide if she can do the right thing.

Dreams of Darkness

Guillermo (Luciano D’ Alessandro), a young commercial pilot, recklessly causes a traffic accident in which a father dies and his 12-year-old son is left in critical condition. Guillermo flees from the scene, and from that moment on, the event haunts him like a ghost, torturing him slowly. Guillermo learns from the news that the boy, Eduardo (Gabriel Piñeros), urgently needs blood donors, and since they are both the same blood type, he decides to help him. That day he meets Mabel (María Cecilia Suárez), Eduardo’s mother, and he is forced to make a tough choice that will bring life-changing consequences.

The show features a renowned cast of actors, including, Litzy, Christopher Millán, Ricardo Kleinbaum, Jorge Luis Pila,Alejandra Villafañe, Laura Flores, Adriano Zendejas, Javier Jattin, Elizabeth Minotta, Luciano D’ Alessandro, María Cecilia Sánchez, Luz Ramos, Salvador Zerboni, Estefanía Villarreal, Omar Germenos, Kendra Santacruz, Irán Castillo,Gabriel Tarantini, Gabriela Roel, Pepe Gámez, Juan Pablo Gil, Carla Carrillo, Regina Pavón, Eduardo Victoria,Christian Tappan, Geraldine Zivic, Sebastián Caicedo and Gregorio Pernia, among many others.

Created by Telemundo Global Studios, the concept was developed by Juan Marcos Blanco, Sergio Mendoza and Marcos Santana, with Héctor Suárez Gomís as consultant. Shot in 4K in Miami, Mexico and Colombia, Decisiones is written by international screenwriters and directed by the best directors in the region. Rodrigo Guerrero executive produced in Colombia for AG studios, Marcela Mejía for Argos in Mexico, and José Vicente Scheuren in the U.S. for Cinemat. Martha Godoy is Showrunner and Executive Producer along Marcos Santana, President of Telemundo Global Studios.

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