The Last Stand - January 18

Review By Jesus Figueroa

Action icon Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to an action packed new adventure in “The Last Stand” as a small town sheriff.

An older Arnold makes a spectacular return to the big screen in a leading role as former LAPD narcotics officer turned small town Sheriff Ray Owens. Accompanied by an amazing cast including Johnny Knoxville, Forest Whitaker, Jaime Alexander, and Luis Guzman “The Last Stand” delivers action packed shoot outs, witty comical tension breakers, and the wisdom that comes with age.

The clever Frank Cortez escapes the FBI on his way to federal death row under the vigilant eye of Agent John Bannister played by Forrest Whitaker. Strangely enough a modified Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, which Cortez uses to make his race to the border, becomes as much a character in the story as Cortez played by Rodrigo Santoro racing it down the highway on his way to what promises to be freedom at the U.S./Mexican border. Cortez is likable and wise for his youthful character but as with most youth finds himself untouchable and indestructible. Arnold along with his crew consisting of Jaime Alexander, Luis Guzman, and Johnny Knoxville come together to bring a highly great team of unpredictably funny action heroes. Making good use of Arnold’s age, all characters reference to the seniority of the sheriff. With age comes wisdom and the sheriff seems to have plenty of it knowing exactly what to say to continue on with the progression. Courage and ingenuity make him a formidable opponent to the young Cortez who needs to cross his small quiet town of Sommerton Junction.

A bit unnerving was that of information given throughout the film that never is shown in the film. The ZR1 that can hit 200 miles per hour and can out run any helicopter never actually does. Instead a sly move by Cortez helps allude the FBI and gives him what seems to be a straight shot to freedom. The ending satisfies and keeps audiences cheering on. Unexpected wit and strength keep Arnold powering on.

I give this a 4 out of 5 Popcorns. Arnold is back and in a fabulous action film with many different aspects that make it extremely enjoyable. The action scenes are intense, the comedy is spot on, and all the characters play off each other well. There’s something in this movie for everyone. It is a must see movie.

Arnold said he’d be back and he is fiercely in “The Last Stand” opening in theaters Jan 18.