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Review By Jesus Figueroa

Frightfully intense and magnificently shot, “MAMA” breaks through boundaries in terror.

Two young girls avoid a terrifying ordeal with their father are saved by a supernatural being. Their father who had killed his wife and had set off to do the same to his two daughters found himself in an abandoned cabin in the middle of nowhere was stopped by this supernatural being. For five years they survive and live with the aid of a creature they refer to as MAMA. Their Uncle, Lucas, funded a search party who tirelessly searched an exhausted his financial state. This creature kept them safe until the five year long search paid off as the two girls are finally found wild and savage but still alive. After retrieving his nieces the terror comes home with them. Needing financial help to keep his nieces Lucas accepts a proposal for a paid study of the children which would also provide free housing.

The oldest niece Victoria played by Megan Charpentier comes out as compelling, captivating, and very much mysterious. She adds to the scare factor and causes much alarm with the lack of compassion she shows towards everyone but her younger sister. The younger niece Lilly played by Isabelle NĂ©lisse is feral and fierce much as a wild animal but quite magnificently innocent. The family oriented uncle Lucas played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has a charisma that draws audiences in making each scene much more captivating. The voice of reason and wild character Annabelle played by Jessica Chastain provides much contrast and connection between all the characters.

The story being so original feels at points unnatural but it helps to allow this monster to be as creepy as need be. With out the uneasy feeling the suspense would not work. There are many instances that will have audiences squirming in their seats. The suspense leads to great scares which at times seem unpredictable. The story intensifies as the girls come in from the wild to domesticated living. Fear seeps in as the horrors of the wild seem to follow to the everyday life. It all combines to an incredible stylized cinematically appealing film with an unconventional ending that is satisfying.

I give this horror film a 5 out of 5 Popcorn. From beginning to end this film is extremely exciting. It becomes a revolutionary suspense horror film that will thrill audiences. With much compassion this terrifying story has many aspects of a heartfelt family movie