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Actress Michelle Veintimilla burns up the small screen as first female Firefly

Written by Jesus Figueroa

The first female firefly, played by Michelle Veintimilla, comes to Gotham and sparks discussions through the DC community.

The timid Bridget Pike, aka Firefly, starts off taking orders from her brothers and transforms with the help of Selena Kyle, played by Camren Bicondova, to a head strong character.

“Camren is great,” Veintimilla said. “It was great having someone who knew (Bridget’s) backstory and who she couldn’t hide anything from.”

Veintimilla was happy to have Bicondova on set with her and being able to rely on another female. Bridget and Selena reunite in Gotham and since they know each others past they connect in a different way than fans have seen Selena connect with anyone.

“(Bridget) knows what happened to Selena’s mom,” Veintimilla said. “They can’t hide anything from each other.”

The timid Bridget gets to put her fire starting abilities to use as she follows her brother’s.

“I was afraid of fire coming into the role because when I was younger I had a recurring dream that my house was burning down,” Veintimilla said. “The script helped a lot and the suit too because there’s an actual flame thrower on my back.”

Having the amazing crew to help Veintimilla she was able to take control of her role and get past her fear of fire, which she said helped her grow and learn about herself as an actress.

“Gotham has an established fan base. Being able to come in and represent Hispanics was great,” Veintimilla said. “It feels great to empower women, minority women especially.”

Veintimilla was thrilled at the opportunity to play the first female Firefly and have people discuss, positive or not, the choice to make this villain female.

“It’s what causes change in this industry,” Veintimilla said. 

She said that she just wants others to know that they are born with the ability to do anything as long as they have the drive and desire to go out and do it. As of now, Gotham fans have only seen the first part of the Firefly origin, which although the Firefly suit has been shown, Bridget is still meek and timid. The next part will have a transformation which fans will enjoy.

“She embraces the darkness,” Veintimilla said. “That’s all I can really say.”

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