Thisfunktional Talks “Secret in their Eyes” Press Day and Movie Review

Secrets in Their Eyes stands on its own, different from original.

Written by Jesus Figueroa

The language is one of the major differences in “Secret in their Eyes,” but the director and producer knew they would have to stand apart from the original Argentinian film. Director Billy Ray said he knew the original was a great film and he wanted to pay homage to the greatness, but he also needed to make something that would stand apart from it. There’s some changes that were made to better fit an American audience, but it still stays true to the message of the film. The trailer attracts audiences with a magnificent cast who are all talented. 

Producer Mark Johnson was happy to have actress Julia Roberts join the cast and her character change to a female, unlike the original film’s male character. Roberts performed phenomenally as her intense character. She had to step into a rough character and portray that battered and rough demeanor. Along side Nichole Kidman, who starts off as an assistant District Attorney and later becomes the District Attorney, and Chiwetel Ejiofor, her friend and partner, she at points sinks into the background, but when it comes to taking over the scene she is able to make her presence known. Roberts too her part and made it believable, she said she looked to bring out the truth in her character just like any actor would.

Secrets in Their Eyes

The film becomes an intense ride through Los Angeles as it’s hardly ever shown on the big screen. The film shows LA at its grittiest, Ray said he wanted to show the downtown business are of LA, the area that feels like there’s more going on than what is seen, the LA that really only people who live around LA known. The beauty of the film is not only in the manner it is shot, showing a different side of LA, but in the way each character is played. Ray, played by Ejiofor, has a feel of a man on a mission and contains so much depth to his character that the audience will buy into his purpose. Claire, played by Kidman, has an elegance and grace which being a goal-driven character very rarely has. Jess, played by Roberts, doesn’t just look like she’s gone through something traumatic, she has the presence of it as well. Bumpy, played by Dean Norris, is comical and still has a level of intimidation which an officer can have. DA Martin, played by Alfred Molina, has an unclear feel of just where he is, a good guy or bad guy. The multiple layers that make up this film help keep it enjoyable, keep the audiences glued to their seats and make for an unexpected ending.

I give this film 5 out of 5 Popcorns. The intensity of the story, the use of the city and the unexpected twists and turns keeps the well-paced story moving and entertaining. The speed of the film is great because any faster and it may lose the audience or confuse. 

“Secret in their Eyes” is now playing.

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