Review By Jesus Figueroa

The battle is set in “Breaking Dawn Part 2″ of the Twilight Saga.

Bella played by Kristen Stewart tries to contain her new born vampire self. Discovering her new abilities and trying to control her thirst for blood. Bella has an easier time controlling herself than what had been expected by the Cullen clan. By her side, Edward played by Robert Pattinson nurtures her and compliments her keenly. Their child, Renesmee  makes a touching debut as a baby and quickly grows to a kid of about 6-7 years of age. Her touching softness controls most of the film by capturing as much attention as the main characters and being the critical part of the story. Jacob played by Taylor Lautner is set to take care of Renesmee and be by her side to protect her. He plays an important part but is pushed to being a background character. Edward becomes a fierce vampire to protect his family. He finds that protecting his family has given him purpose. He rushes to teach Bella about her powers for an imminent Volturi attack.

There are few fun scenes in the process that break through the tension. The first half of the film is broad and rushed as major aspects of the story are generalized and left half explained. Although, it’s very fun and comical as they prepare for the battle to come, while hoping the Volturi won’t require them to fight. Many “family” members join the Cullens in their efforts to protect Renesmee. Many different powers are seen and used. A few vampires from around the world come to aid the Cullen’s. Alice is a critical character in the storyline, as she’s been in previous installments to the Twilight Saga.

The battle, which is seen in the TV spot, starts shocking the audience, leaving them gasping and screaming with excitement. But, more shocking than the battle is how it ends.

The beginning is a bit broad and slow but the story continues to be attention grabbing. Heart warming storyline with action and progression that lead to the more than satisfying ending to the Twilight Saga. Kristen Stewart does some of her finest acting pulling in audiences and engulfing them in the heartfelt story. Pattinson’s passionate and witty eases the film with his comedic charm. Although a powerful character, he gives a very soft subtle performance that gives the story front stage.

Strong and powerful “Breaking Dawn Part 2″ of the Twilight Saga comes to theaters on November 16 with an epic ending that will be remembered forever. Definitely a movie to watch in theaters.

I rate this 4 out of 5 Popcorns. had me at the premier, at the Nokia Theater in L.A. Live, being part of all the chaos of the anticipated finale of an incredible Twilight Saga. Start time had been scheduled for 7 p.m but it was pushed back until 8 p.m. I was told that in every part of the saga no premier has ever started as scheduled. Last year for “Breaking Dawn Part 1″ even though scheduled for a 7 p.m. Start time it did not start until 8:45 p.m. Even with that, the crowed roared as their favorite cast members made it down the red carpet. Greeting fans that started camping out Sunday night to be able to see the stars of the spectacular saga ending film. The Nokia Theater filled every seat with fans who laughed, cried, awed, and gasped in surprise as events unfolded. There’s nothing like going to a premier with die-hard fans that are just ecstatic to be there. They become as much a part of the movie experience as watching the movie is.