Super Mario Bros. U


Review By Jesus Figueroa

This game has the feel of a retro game with amazing graphics. There are many Mario games out there but this one combines the great and easy gameplay with incredible graphics and amazingly cool multiplayer possibilities.

The story is the same one as always. Bowser has captured Princess Peach and Mario has to travel through the many different lands defeating Bowsers goompas and each lands specific Bowser minions. The first stage introduces the first of what seems to be three baby Yoshis, a pink baby Yoshi that floats, a yellow baby Yoshi that lights up the darkness for a period if time, and a blue Yoshi which I have not gotten to play with. There’s also mini games which give items and 1up mushrooms. Each land has a tower with a lesser minion and a few stages to get through.

The gameplay I found entertaining and really fun. It is able to be played on the television screen or on the Gamepad. There is not much different from every other Mario game. Then came the multiplayer mode. As many as five players can play on a single system. Four players can play as characters on the television screen and one can help them out playing on the Gamepad by helping them reach new heights, help players move across large gaps easier, and discover hidden items. It’s a great competition during multiplayer mode as well as co-op play. Aside from those modes there’s mini-games and time trials to beat.

The Miiverse socializing is utilized extremely well allowing for players to post as much or as little as they would like. Being able to comment on levels after succeeding to pass them is a great feature. Best of all, it’s customizable who gets to see those post, from everyone to just friends. Post appear on the game as progress is made and it can help on passing a level or even give other players a heads up on the difficulty of it.

I score this game a 4 out of 5 Popcorns. Although gameplay and use of the Gamepad are amazingly cool the feel of the game does not quite reach the next generation game counsel. It’s fun, it’s entertaining, and in some degree it’s challenging but something is lacking. I am still on the third land and I have much more to explore.

There will be an update once I get to play more and the rating may go up or down depending on how the game progresses or if it doesn’t.

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(Update 12/27)

So after a week of playing on and off between 3 games I have gotten to pass Bowser. I found myself over joyed to finally get through some of these difficult yet enjoyable levels. Although many who posted on the Miiverse cursed the the living daylights out of many of out if Bowser. I passed the game with 92 lives. It is difficult on certain levels especially approaching Bowser. The fun aspect of playing Mario is never lost. Best part of defeating Bowser is that it unlocks 2 bonus worlds. Star World and a secret island. There’s also the 238 star coins to collect through out the levels. The replay value of this game is one that will have a gamer wanting to complete the game at 100% completion. Some coins are difficult to find, some are out in the open but they all need to be located. Then there’s the secret exits, with secret levels which also contain star coins. (Guessing there’s one more update once I’m at 100% in this game 203 star coins 35 more to go and secret island and star world still left.)

This game is at a 4.5 out of 5 Popcorn’s. With all that needs to be done to complete this game and the hours of enjoyment it can possibly get to a perfect score. The difficulty makes it exciting, like all Mario games its fun, and its challenging. Lets hope it keeps it up until the final stage.