Review By Jesus Figueroa

Bond is back hitting the ground and powering forward in “Skyfall.”

A complex storyline that only a 007 movie can pull-off. Even if I don’t like Daniel Craig as Bond, cause he’s too brute-ish for my taste, he captivates throughout every scene of the about two hour and a half long movie.

The Bond girls are as stunning as ever. Great new additions.

The story follows a Bond that becomes shaken up. This Bond gets to become more human, the audience gets to feel for him through the look into his past. This movie reveals much about the psychology of Bond. It dives into an agents mindset. Not only from the point of view of the great 007 but from M and an ex-agent as well. The action was well choreographed and took control of the movie bringing audiences to the brink of excitement and not letting them down. With twist and turns, that are hard for anyone to foretell, that take the characters on a wild ride. At points feeling as though the great MI6 is a step behind. There’s no gadgets and technology is hardly used by 007 since he sticks with the “old fashioned” ways. Even taking Bond back into his past.

The movie keeps building and building onto a complex storyline leading audiences through an action filled psychological ride. The ending was fitting and unpredictable. It just worked so well. This was probably my favorite title sequence of the last few bond movies. Beautiful use of CGI and an incredible track by Adele. Bond delivers in entertainment. The film compels and completes a well observed James Bond. 007 is reborn through this film and goes through a growth process that helps him with the struggles from his past.

I give this 4 out of 5 Popcorns. The beginning was strong, the story held up, and the ending was just fitting. I would definitely watch it again. It runs at about two and a half hours long.

“Skyfall” the 23rd installment in the 50 year old 007 franchise and is now in theaters.