Assassins Creed 3 Wii U,

Review By Jesus Figueroa

Just got a few Wii U games so am going to do some vids for the more exciting ones and maybe the fun ones to play.

Right off the bat when Assassin’s Creed 3 was clicked on there’s an update before being able to play. Downloading lasted about 5 minutes and installation about a minute. So I finally got to game the play. After an opening scene to show off the improved image quality for the Wii U. It’s pretty impressive, nice leap into HD for Nintendo. So finally get into playing the beginning of the game and going through the basic controls through the tutorial. It’s quick and painless while it “creates the world.” These controls are basic and the same as any other system. I feel that they lack use of the gamepad. It feels just like another system.

Ok, so gameplay is a bit confusing after getting through the tutorial. Everything is basically done for you. There’s no need for a jump button because once an edge is reached if jumping is needed it automatically does it and if it’s not then no jumping. I played all through the first scenario of the game. Shooting is pretty interesting having it feel like it automatically clicks on to the closest target. You can however control a longer distance shooting by holding down Rb. Walking around is extremely slow so I guess it’s a good thing that the character never seems to get tired while running. Although that function is not allowed always. Once again going through mostly the whole first scenario and starting off the second there has been no use of the gamepad screen other than to show a very frustrating map. It has so many things on it and no legend to know what any of it means. To see the legend turn on/off icons you need to pause the game. That kind of defeats the purpose of having two screens to play on.

I give this a 2 out of 5 Popcorns. Although graphics are much better there is nothing about this version of the game from the Xbox 360 or PS 3 versions. It feels a bit rushed to come out as a release game. Maybe I’ll update this if after more than an hour of gameplay the game improves or if it gets any lamer.