Warm Bodies


Review By Jesus Figueroa

The heart of a zombie is they key in “Warm Bodies” puts a twist in the zombie genre. A zombie action romantic comedy that doesn’t just step on the line of zombies as we know them but tramples on it on its revolutionarily amazing zombie live story.

R, played by Nicholas Hoult, portrays a zombie that is just not going to settle for being a zombie. Not only that, but he falls in love with his food, Julie played by the lovely Teresa Palmer. Palmer plays Julie terrifically as she has a sense of fear and intrigue when coming into contact with R. Her progression through the film is steady and subtle but by the end is well noticed. The acting of Hoult as R is one stellar performance. Having to not just play a zombie but give him a tenderness that attracts Julie and he does it brilliantly. The movement of Hoult is that of a zombie but through emotion filled eyes and brief grunts of audible words an phrases he creates an emotional likable zombie. Palmer is a fantastic match as Julie bringing a fiercer counterpart to R.

The zombies are awesome in the film and this film created a creature even zombies are scared of called”Bonies.” Bonies are what zombies turn into after they have gone to the extreme part of being the living dead. Zombies are kind of the purgatory if things. Not quite dead and not quite living. The scenery is in this post apocalyptic society is really desolate and yet keeps its worldliness about it. The land of “Warm Bodies” just seems lonely. The ending definitely shatters the zombie genre.

I give this a 5 out of 5 Popcorn. There’s action, there’s romance, and there’s zombies with a giant twist. This film is one zombie fanatics can enjoy and get a new perspective on zombies, romance fanatics can enjoy and, and everyone can be entertained by. Definitely a must see movie.

Out Feb. 1st everywhere “Warm Bodies” brings life to all with a delightfully pure message of love.

Be sure to listen to “Thisfunktional LA” for clips from interviews from the writer of the book “Warm Bodies” Isaac Marion, Screenplay Writer and Director Jonathan Levine, lead actor playing R Nicholas Hoult, lead actress playing Julie Teresa Palmer, actress playing Nora Analeigh Tipton, and actor playing “Perry” Dave Franco.