Stand Up Guys


Review By Jesus Figueroa

Revenge and friendship are in question causing a conflict between work and friends in the dark comedy “Stand Up Guys” starring Christopher Walken and Al Pacino. Just released from prison Val, played by Al Pacino,  is fascinated to find his friend and fellow mobster Doc, played by Christopher Walken. Doc treats Val to a fantastic day of activities.

The film is driven by comedy from Pacino and Walken. Most would expect most of the comedy coming from Walken but in this is not the case. Pacino has much of the comedy and so does Alan Arkin, who plays Hirsh a character that comes in later in the film. The three actors are fantastic together and the story suits them well. It is unexpectedly funny and incredibly timed to incorporate a sad storyline. The feel is very realistic with this dark comedy. The characters seem to be aware of everything that is going on and even more seem to be smart to the schemes going on. The end comes with a satisfactory conclusion to the journey taken by these old companions.

The story seems simple but the complexity grows as the story progresses. Hard to believe but the voice of reason through it all is that of Doc. Although quite serious and pensive through out the film Doc feels like a guiding force and Walken contributes greatly through out the film allowing for a the audience to appreciate all that the story has to offer.

I give this film a 4 out of 5 popcorn. It is definitely worth watching with good performances all around and strong roles. The story may be a bit simple but the actors seem to pull it together quite nicely. Comical in a very sophisticated yet dark manner.

When friendship is on the line whats a mobster to do, find out what happens in “Stand Up Guys” out now in theaters.