Silver Linings Playbook - in theaters 11/21/12

Review By Jesus Figueroa

Insanely entertaining “Silver Lining Playbook” is warm hearted, witty, and mildly offensive in a good way.

Pat, played by Bradley Cooper, is inappropriately entertaining and brutally honest. With no sense of shame and no concept of appropriate topics of discussion every every conversation ends up going in hilarious tangents. Matched up with Tiffany, played by Jennifer Lawrence, a cute seductress with a questionable past and issues of her own. Both Pat and Tiffany have issues to work through, one in common which is holding on to lost marriages. Pat holding on to a wife who cheated on him causing him to break down and get sent to a psychiatric hospital and Tiffany still married to a dead husband which caused her to mistake sex for love. The two clash and fight to the point of mutual connection. Forcefully Tiffany maneuvers her way into Pat’s life. Pat Sr, played by Robert De Niro, sets a great barrier between sanity and insanity. Being very superstitious and confrontational he comes between the growing relationship of mutual gain of Pat jr. and Tiffany.

Silver Linings Playbook


Each actor combines with each other to make each scene meaningful and continue the storyline in an entertaining manner. The story can get dark and cynical at points and be very sad. The reveals are strangely well timed and the flow continues smoothly through out although awkwardly at certain points.

I give this film 4 out of 5 Popcorn. It’s powerfully intense and uncommonly funny. It’s in your face rudeness that draws a line and steps on it with out pushing past it. The acting is surprisingly on beat but some of the storyline can get a bit confusing. This is a must watch movie if unable to watch it in theaters definitely catch it on DVD or Netflix. As an Oscar nominated film this one may upset a few of the bigger films. It may end up winning some of the categories with bigger budgeted films.