Now is Good

Review By Jesus Figueroa

An incredible performance by Dakota fanning in “Now is Good” telling the story of a  dying girl sets out to experience life as extremes and thrilling as humanly possible.

Strong willed and incredibly brave Tessa Scott played by Dakota Fanning seeks to deal with dying of leukemia at a young age. Proudly she proclaims that most of the things she would like to experience are illegal while on a radio station. Fanning gives an incredible performance that captures the troubled an at times confused mindset of a young woman dealing with her impending death. British accent and all Fanning delivers a performance worth watching. Heartwarming and at times shocking her performance gives chills. Even if she seems like a villain thought much of the film there’s no reason why she would be any less aggressive than what she is. Fanning drives the film and captivates with her brilliant portrayal.

The story takes a wild ride through the chaotic emotions of coming to terms with death. It starts from anger and frustration and leads to peace and tranquility hitting every emotional string possible. Experimenting with drugs and delinquency, it is just one big wrecking ball of a journey from the beginning. Self-destructive behavior over takes Tessa knowing she does not have much time left. The progression in her character continues on with strong captivating emotions. Going through a list of things she wants to do before she dies. The fight in Tessa gets infused with the passion for her love interest and continues to battle on.

There is only one possible ending but it’s still a tear jerker. There’s more than the coming to terms with death that contributes to the progression but the realization that loved ones have to continue on and that she will be missed. The hard truth sets in and it becomes more than just the journey of one young terminally ill girl. It becomes a story about the people who surround her and their struggles as well.

I give this movie 4 out of 5 Popcorn’s. It comes out strong an fierce and drives trough the message of chaotic thoughts in the process of dying young. The acting is incredible and brilliant. This movie is heartfelt and strong. Definitely a must see movie.