Movie 43

Review By Jesus Figueroa

Not to the feint of heart is the cliche that best describes “Movie 43″ opening in theaters everywhere Jan. 25, 2013. A raunchy comedy that is driven forward by teens looking for “Movie 43″, a movie that has incredible powers. Each clip they stumble upon on their search has some hilarious and at times disturbing content. The film has an arsenal of star celebrity names that are involved in the skit like scenes in between the central storyline.

Richard Gere as the CEO of iBabe a revolutionary way to listen to music was absurd and not really funny. Although his acting was good. Hugh Jackman had a needlessly long scene which seemed to progress nowhere. Emma Stone had a very erotic yet not quite funny scene which left audiences feeling like it ended with no resolution. Batman and Robin make a strangely disgusting scene with Uma Thurman as Louis Lane and Kristen Bell as Super Girl. The acting was funny but the concept was childish and so much unneeded sexual content.

No need to go on reviewing this movie. I think I painted a pretty good representation of what this film is. It’s raunchy, penis and vagina jokes, grotesque humor which at many instances takes things a bit far.

I give this film a 2 out of 5 Popcorn’s. The acting is good, just not funny. There’s too much sick humor, fart jokes literally, and stereotypical jokes. There was a few people of a higher age that walked out of the theater after no more than 5 minutes. The cast is amazing, full of big name celebrities. It’s such a shame it was not any better.

If looking for a mindless comedy this sure will suffice.