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Written by Jesus Figueroa (@Thisfunktional)

The story of the loving couple who changed nation to the supreme court case Loving V. Virginia, which brought the right to love anyone regardless of color, gets told in an impactful way in “Loving.”

Loving V. Virginia is taught in history classes and law classes, the story gets told and it’s moving. In this age it seems that the nation is seeing similar prejudice.

“Loving” tells the story of Richard, played by Joel Edgerton, and Mildred Loving, Ruth Negga, who after getting married go through some tough trials.

Edgerton has a stoic demeanor with a quiet yet strong look. There are few words that come from Edgerton, but the moments which went down in history are made that much more intense.

Negga has a charm which is innocent and strong. Her manner of delivering lines captures a southern woman in that era.

The couple got married and then spent the following nine years fighting to be recognized as a legal married couple and a family in their hometown in Virginia.

The manner in which many of the instances get depicted in a scary, yet realistic way.

From being arrested in the middle out the night out of their bedroom because they are an interracial married couple to being exiled from Virginia and all the turmoil there after.

The court battles are never really seen other than the climactic Supreme Court scene, but the one instant which leaves audiences silent comes splendid and unexpected.

As Richard’s lawyer asks him what he wants the Supreme Court judge to know the stoic man of few words says, “Tell the judge I love my wife.”

Those words sticks when reading them in a history book, reading them in a thick law book and now when hearing them spoken from Edgerton.

I give this bio-pic 4 out of 5 Popcorns. Being so familiar with the story I’ve seen several productions that have tried to do justice to the story and they all fall short of telling a compelling story. This movie, although it is slow-paced, is well developed and shows enough to capture the attention of the audience, make them care about Richard and Mildred and it doesn’t push the boundaries to make the story feel unbelievable. There’s some moments which the true story has which could have suited the story and the impactful nature of it.

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