Review By Jesus Figueroa

Oscar nominated “Lincoln” holds the audience attention with powerful acting that creates a realistic period film. The film is lengthy and continues through the processes of introducing the legislation to congress. Portraying the warmth and struggle of Lincoln in an incredibly entertaining and magnificently filmed movie. The time period between the month leading up to the abolition of slavery hold much speculation as to the state of Lincoln’s mind. Showing how liked and followed the prestigious president history has made him out to be.

Daniel Day Lewis, which plays Abraham Lincoln, captivates the audience with the intensity and  prestige that Lincoln embodied. Lewis talks with much charm as he tells philosophical stories through out the film summing up what is happening through the story. The wit projected provides much humor to ease the tension.

The beautiful scenery accompanies the great acting. The scenes at points are very dark but beautifully lit adding to intensity of the scenes. Each scene and location is gorgeous and pristine created to represent the disaster outs war time during President Lincoln’s terms in office.

Tommy Lee Jones comes off serious an strong as a fierce and unrelenting pioneer. Not only does he compliment the entire cast but he at points becomes the reason to see this film. Sally Fields who played Marry Todd Lincoln, wife of the president, is a great match for the Lewis. She was confident and strong and could equal every bit that of Lewis.

I give this film 4 out of 5 popcorn. It’s greatly intense and witty. A great combination of both drama and subtly comedy. It takes the steps to grow and progress and eases it down enough to move through the film while being captivated by each and every scene.

In the 2013 Oscars “Lincoln” has been nominated in 11 categories. After viewing and reviewing more Oscar nominated films I will make my picks for the winners.