Les Misérables



Review By Jesus Figueroa

Jean Valjean sings his way through “Les Miserables” capturing a memorably dramatic story in a musical. Valjean, played remarkably by Hugh Jackman, captivates the attention of audiences and not letting go for a second.

Each scene continues with the momentum bringing such a complex story to the front. Each song is marvelously performed and incredibly fitting to the monumental musical. Well worthy of praise each song combines together seamlessly to make the film sound almost like one long song.

Javert, played by Russel Crowe, may be one of the more notable characters as he matches vocal strength with Valjean. The conflict between these two proves to be monumental as the relentless Javert stops at nothing to capture the fugitive from the law Valjean. Fantine, played by Anne Hathaway, is gorgeous and sad. Her story is short and bittersweet as she dies just as Valjean’s true identity is discovered. Risking everything to keep Cosette, played by Amanda Seyfried,safe, Valjean keeps his promise to Fantine as he takes Cosette away from her abusive guardians.

The story is incredibly touching and the majority of it is driven forward through musical numbers.

I give this film a 5 out of 5 Popcorn.  The scenery is amazing, the song choices are district, and as a whole the film works. Although the story is told through constant songs its very easy to follow and get caught up in the film. The film runs over two hours long but it’s so entertaining the time just flies by. Definitely a must watch film. It would be of benefit to watch this film in theaters for the sound quality. If you don’t catch it on DVD or Netflix. This film may end up taking the most awards home in the Oscars. It is truly a magnificent film. Incredible costumes, music, and acting leave it high above many films.