ThisFunktional Movie Review: Krampus


‘Krampus’ doesn’t quite have what it takes for the holidays.

Written by Jesus Figueroa

For a long time the Germanic folklore of Krampus has scared children into being good, but this tale of “Krampus” , from Legendary Pictures, doesn’t get anywhere.

The story tries to be a horror comedy for the entire family, but it keeps things too safe to be a good story for adults and to political to be a good story for kids.

Max, played by Emjay Anthony, his sister Beth, played by Stephania LaVie Owen, mother Sarah, played by Toni Collette, father Tom, played by Adam Scott, and grandmother have their relatives Uncle Howard, played by David Koechner, aunt Linda, played by Allison Tolman, aunt Dorothy, played by Conchata Ferrell, cousin  Howie jr., played by Maverick Flack, cousin Stevie, played by Lolo Owen, and cousin Jordan, played by Queenie Samuel. Collette is fantastic. She’s stunning as she is in everything she is in. Her character is one of the characters which actually changes throughout the story. Anthony is the star and captivates with the multitude of emotions he portrays. He’s definitely a highlight of the film. Scott was just a one dimensional character who’s too dry to be funny and he doesn’t give as great of a performance as the rest of his family. Koechner is one of the funniest, but still isn’t enough to make a good comical movie. Tolman is a great match for Koechner. They seem like they play off each other well along with their children.

The story puts the family against Krampus and his minions — killer gingerbread cookies, dark elves and scary toys — in a hellish storm which secluded the family away from the rest of the world. The horror parts of the story are not as scary as expected and then there’s Krampus. There’s ginger bread cookies terrorizing the family, huge scary looking Christmas toys, dark elves with spooky masks and the beast himself Krampus, although it’s not really a beast but rather a deformed person or sorts. The beast is disappointing, as it cannot be seen in trailers, to see a less than horrific creature. The ending to the film lacks imagination.

I give this horror-comedy 2 out of 5 Popcorns. What I did like about this film is the majority of the acting and some of the creatures. The beginning sequence is funny, but wasn’t sure how it adds to the story. The story itself isn’t developed enough to be a good movie for adults and it’s too political to be enough for kids. The movie tries to be a horror film for the entire family, but may end up being a task which was too much for one film to do.

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