House at the End of the Street


Review By Jesus Figueroa

The strangest horror movie that isn’t really scary “House at the End of the Street” hardly is anything. From the beginning this film is extremely dark and takes place in the middle of the forest. Houses as far apart and there’s no real place to go to. The town is just eerie and strange. There’s no real introduction to it and no establishing just where this place is. There’s no connection established to feel sympathy for any character. Maybe there is something scary at the beginning if this film, how coincidental everything is. Everything that happens falls directly into place. There’s nothing difficult about getting this girl to the wrong place at the right time. No matter what happens this girl seems to trust the wrong people at the wrong time. The good guy turns bad the bad guy starts off good and when she should trust one she doesn’t. So untrusting if even the voice of reason, being the mother, which is just that a mother and the acting is great from her.

The plot is so slow in this short film it gets confusing. The sluggish pace gets a bit boring not really suspenseful. Of course the first thing you do when a pretty new girl comes to school, you google her to see if she’s famous? No this just didn’t add up and there was really no reason as it didn’t really lead anywhere.


I’ll give the story this, it is always amazing when you find a reason to make prey walk right into the lions den. But of course you put the naive, I know everything type girl with the mysterious troubled older guy and they are bound to fall for them. There’s nothing more cliche than that stereotype. The villain makes it look so easy to be weird, like if its the most normal thing in the world. It’s just fantastic how Ryan played by Max Theiriot has an organic feel. The worst part of this movie is that 40 minutes into this film it finally gets started. Understandably the characters need to be built up but 40 minutes for 3 characters is just ridiculous. Ryan is such a tortured soul, trying to explain why he’s messed up is not really needed. Too much depth to a character is still bad.

This film had so much potential but slowing it down to make suspense really did not work. It lacked the terror chill factor that suspense needs to work. The distorted and demented point added to Ryan’s scare factor but then comes this long ending where this crazy villain is like an unstoppable soldier. Does being insane really make a person stronger?

This movie gets a 2 out of 5 Popcorns. There’s no regret to watching it once but I would not sit through it a second time. The acting is great from the three main characters but it just so slow.