Review By Jesus Figueroa

A film that plays on the bizarre, “Citadel,” stumbles through a play on fears and strange concepts to develop a terrifying storyline. Although the story seems to be quite thought out the pacing of the film seems to drag as the majority of the essential information gets explained with much detail.

Tommy, played by Aneurin Barnard, witnesses an attack on his pregnant wife Joanne, played by Amy Shiels. The attack forces doctors to extract the baby as Joanne fights for her life. The experience leaves Tommy traumatized and fearful of the world. His wife becomes comatose leaving him as the only parent for his child. Being fearful of everything and paranoid of the outside world makes him a less than fit father for his child.


The fearful nature of Tommy leaves him to be an unsympathetic character who audiences will not care about. A priest, played by James Cosmo, predicts the incoming doom. The story gets confusing even while the priest somewhat bar rotates the story as it happens. The villains of the story seem to be blind and only see that which fear them. The group of villains inhabit an apartment building.

These creatures torment Tommy without really ever having a reason to. This plot leaves a big question for audiences to get lost in. Exactly why do these creatures torment Tommy? More importantly why should audiences even care?These questions are never answered entirely and the film ends with no closure.

I give this film 2 out of 5 popcorns. The beginning and middle drag out and the ending just gets the story back to being a decent film. The CGI is decent for a low budget film. There’s not much to the story making the plot light for the length of the film leaving for a less than enjoyable film.

“Citadel” out now on DVD.