Beautiful Creatures


Review By Jesus Figueroa

“Beautiful Creatures” bewitches audiences with a film filled with romance, drama, comedy, and “Casters.”

In the small town Gatlin, South Carolina Ethan White, played by Alden Erenreich, keeps dreaming of a mysterious girl who he can never quite reach. Outside of his dreams, he hopes to leave his small town. Lena Duchannes, played by Alice Englert, is the new girl in school who instantly catches Ethan’s eye. Although the rest of the town fears her because she is related to Macon Ravenwood, who is said to be a devil worshiper. The interaction between Alice and Ethan twist their lives around entwining them together in heir journey, her curse. Alice is 15 and is a Caster (witch) and at age 16 will be claimed as a light caster or dark caster all depending on her true nature. Through out the film Uncle Ravenwood tires to protect her and keep Ethan away giving his character a mix feeling of both protagonist and antagonist. Mrs. Lincoln/Sarafine, played by Emma Thompson, is a possessed community leader. She is possessed by Lena’s mother who is trying to bring her to be a dark caster. Ridley Duchannes, played by the amazing Emmy Rossum, is Lena’s dark caster cousin who is helping Sarafine.

The new comers of this film do an incredible job in keeping up the intensity and alleviating it with a good comedic cue. Englert is sweet and caring as her character. She captivates audiences with the emotion she projects through out the film, Erenreich comes strong with a very profound southern accent that is well noticed. His acting can be on the edge of over the top but on the edge makes an enjoyable character. Irons is fierce and pompous in this film giving his character a feeling of superiority. Rossum is elegant and gorgeous as the seductress Ridley. A great role for her and she handled it quite fantastically.

I give this film 4 out of 5 popcorn. The story can get pretty serious but good timed comedy lightens the mood. There are many good actors and plenty of good performances. The ending is quite well done. It’s unexpected, somewhat original, and literally doesn’t reveal itself until the very end.

Get spellbound by “Beautiful Creatures” on Valentines Day Feb. 14.