Beasts of the Southern Wild

Review By Jesus Figueroa

The dramatic “Beasts of the Southern Wild” portrays a wild realistic take on a post apocalyptic adventure. As the polar ice caps melt flooding their bayou home and her father’s diminishing health, six-year old Hushpuppy travels through the world while going through a journey of growth learning courage and love along the way. Along with the ice-caps melting ancient monsters are released into the world bringing yet another element to the journey Hushpuppy is forced to go through.

First time leading actress Quvenzhané Wallis thrills audiences with powerfully compassionate acting. Warm hearted and caring while fierce and strong. This young actress takes the audience through an emotionally charged journey along with her. Her father Wink played by Dwight Henry comes off as heartless and mean treating his daughter harshly in order to prepare her for the harsh world that is to come after he has passed. The journey follows Hushpuppy and the advancement of the strange ancient beasts.

The audience is brought into this world and wants this young child to overcome all her tragic troubles. The story is intense and far from simple but can take itself much too serious. The acting is spectacular but progression of the storyline seems to stall as the message of the film is prolonged. The main characters are seen as savages not using any technology and living a very earthly existence.

I give this film a 3 out of 5 popcorn. Although touching and moving progression seems to slow almost to a stop in certain points. It’s an excellent story and quite a social commentary on the human spirit. I do recommend this film but may not be a must see film it may be better enjoyed waiting to see it on DVD or Netflix. As for its Oscar nominations, it is a great film but contends against strong films in every category nominated.