Review By Jesus Figueroa

A touching military story that tries hard to make progress “Allegiance” carries a different battle into war movies. Bow Wow leads the cast as Specialist Chris Reyes who has been denied transfer from going to the battlefield to be with his son who has been diagnosed with stage four, terminal, lung cancer. With the whole squad helping him Reyes tries to escape the clutches of his duty to his country. His skills as a medical unit forces his commanding officers to do everything within their power to hold him from transferring and keeping him in the squad. Lieutenant Sefton has successfully been able to get transferred to a non-active duty squad by way of using his father, who is a high ranked official, as leverage. Having done so Reyes reaches out to him, although Sefton has been labeled a deserter by his fellow squad members. Sefton is reluctant to help Reyes at first but his compassion leads him to do all within his power to help Reyes.

The story is as sound as can be. There is logical movement of the storyline, although quite slow at points. There are few instances where distraction tactics are used on officials which take away from the film. Although necessary for the success or failure of the objective, the manner of distraction takes audiences out of the main storyline. Sefton and Reyes play off each other well having chemistry between both characters. There is no point when there is a lack of empathy for both of these characters. Audiences will be wanting these two to succeed. The ending is well presented and holds to a truer sense of reality. There is definitely a realistic aspect to the ending and is satisfactory to the movie. It matches in pace and logic. Many aspects of human life and realism come into play with multiple problems arising and social issues being addressed in the comments this film tries to get across.

I give this 2 out of 5 Popcorn. If you’re a fan of the military you may want to skip this film as the military is demonized. The acting is decent and the storyline is a bit slow. It leaves wanting a more aggressive sense of action. This movie is no big loss if you don’t see it in theaters and you might want to wait for it to come out on Netflix or DVD.

“Allegiance” out in theaters now.