Review By Jesus Figueroa

A magnificent terrifyingly fun thrill ride with Eli Roth presents “Aftershock” directed by Nicolás López that starts calm and casual but quickly intensifying into a gory thriller. Although the beginning is a comical party sequence where everyone is having a good time it does drag a bit having the story flip the mood almost right in the middle of the film.

Gringo, played by Eli Roth, spends time in Chile with his two buddies Ariel, played by Ariel Levy, and Pollo, played by Nicolás Martínez. While there they come across three tourist; Russian model Irina, played by Natasha Yarovenko, party girl Kylie, played by Lorenza Izzo, and her sister Monica, playe by Andrea Osvárt, who are traveling through Chile. After a great time in the costal city of Valparaíso the group of friends go to a club where while dancing an earthquake hits and sends the happy partiers into turmoil.

Roth and López co-wrote a magnificent story that engages the audience in the beauty of Chile before twisting the world around with the catastrophic earthquake. Roth does well in portraying an out-of-touch single father struggling in the dating world. He brings not only a confusion to his character but also a charisma that keeps audiences rooting for him. Martínez makes audiences dislike his character but want to be part of his group. Pollo is self centered and arrogant but can get anyone into anywhere in Chile. Yarovenko is hot through out the movie and captivates audiences with an authentic feel of terror and chaos. She’s a strong character but not over powering to the storyline.


The story continues through this fantastically destroyed Chile as the streets are filled with crumbled buildings, shattered people and criminals escaped from prison. Through all the unexpected twist and turns of the film the ending comes as a shock. The payoff is grand and leaves audiences in awe.

I give this film 4 out of 5 popcorns. The beginning drags as characters are introduced and become quite annoying, but the pace quickly picks up as the horror of the story becomes apparent. The acting was fantastic from everyone and they played off each other well. It kind of feels like “The Hangover” but with a horror aspect. The ending is definitely worth sticking through out the movie for. The film is not only a mixture of two genres, comedy and horror, but sets everything up and knocks it down at the end.

Eli Roth Presents “Aftershock” out in theaters and On Demand May 10.

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Los Angeles Press Junket: Aftershock

On this podcast Jesus Figueroa of and sits down to chat with Producer /Co-Writer / Actor Eli Roth, Director / Co-Writer / Executive Producer Nicolás López, Actress Lorenza Izzo and Actress Natasha Yarovenko.

They talk about the inspiration behind the film, AFTERSHOCK – the earthquake in Chile, surviving the earthquake, digital vs. practical effects, expected reactions from Chile and more.


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