Premium Rush

Review By Jesus Figueroa

For a movie about riding bicycles around New York there really is so much more to “Premium Rush” than meets the eye. Beginning with the narration which quickly brings the story front and center. The chapters are likable and it all combines to engage audiences into the world of bicycle delivery people. As the narration continues the scenery, shot selection, and ambience of it all contribute to the excitement of the story.

Then we get to the “genius” of delivery boy Wilee played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Somehow this delivery boy has the same power as Sherlock Holmes or maybe even better because he can stop time and plan his route of travel. No needless fluff after that right to the main part of the story, the conflict. It’s presented almost in the first quarter of the movie. So great since I did not want to just keep waiting to see where this movie was going. The excitement of this film, the quick life world of Wilee is matched greatly by his quick wit and funny persona. All these elements come together to multiple problems leading to great conflict.

What really got to me was the constant use of CGI. It’s quite noticeable and very distracting. Not to mention GPS cut scenes. Does the audience really need to know everything. Might have been better to just leave some mystery. On top of the dilemma at hand with the package he is carrying the added stress of daily life is added. The rivalry of his nemesis who works at the same company he does and of course the girlfriend problems. Cliche is an understatement for this. The main villain being a crooked detective.

Premium Rush

More cliches. His story comes into play here too. Wow does this really need to be explained? Very needless, seemed just dragged on. It also threw me off a bit from the rest of the story. I was confused after seeing that backstory. Not sure if it was intentional to move around time frames and just have a clock indicate what time it is but I think it’s badly structured. There’s so much going on on-screen why add more? To confuse is my guess. Going back and forth in time may have been the worse part of the storyline. The linear story is pretty good. Delivery boy gets stuck between a woman trying to get a large amount of money for a worth while cause across town and a dead beat dirty cop who needs to get this cash to pay off gambling debt. That seems awesome but this back and forth showing everything that happens is so confusing.

The bike races are pretty cool. No brakes is this guy crazy, no that’s just the way he lives life. Non-stop and head on.

I give this movie a 3 out of 5 Popcorn. The story is actually good but some parts of the story are just awesome.