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Written by Jesus Figueroa

“Minecraft: Story Mode” premiered on the big screen at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, Calif. on Oct. 12. The first story driven Minecraft game had a two hour play through which audiences helped to lead the player through.

“Minecraft: Story Mode” follows main character Jesse, who players can choose to be a male or female, and his/her group of friends as they search the Minecraft world for the order of the stone — four adventurers who long ago saved the Minecraft world from a great dragon. The order of the stone is needed once again to help save the world from a whiter storm monster which has been set lose to destroy the Minecraft world.

The game is in the same style as the game, but the creativity of the free-play mode is not available as story mode is limited on what can be done. Some of the cool parts of the game is being able to make many choices throughout, which helps make each playing experience unique and replay ability better.

The story is also family friendly, but the story is not just a kid story. One of the things that Minecraft fans may not like is the lack of creativity that the game player is allowed. Minecraft is known for the freedom to create worlds as unique as each player or group of players. TellTale games, known for their fantastic “The Walking Dead” games, teams up with Mojang to bring tge five part episodic story mode.

Episode one is available now with new episodes coming out every one to two months. “Minecraft: Story Mode” is available on Xbox live, PlayStation store, PC, Apple Store and Google play with future release on Wii U.

Check out more on the premiere on AudioBoom: https://goo.gl/d6oPGu.

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