@Thisfunktional Attends ‘COMPADRES’ Press Day, Red Carpet Premiere

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Pantelion Films’ “Compadres” shows a different performance from actor Omar Chaparro in a different way than he is usually seen in other movies he’s been in.

Chaparro and Joey Morgan work off each other well for the comedic elements in the movie, but its the serious action which is what’s impressive about Chaparro’s performance. “We were rehearsing for 3 months,” Chaparro said. It was important to him to get into physical conditioning to play an action hero. He trained in boxing and Krav Maga to be able to be well trained. Along with the two male leads, Aislinn Derbez and Camila Sodi were able to add an element which neither Chaparro and Morgan could, they added some tough, strong female characters.

The two females made their impact with not just strong female characters, but by their character twists which moved the story forward. Still the main focus comes with the buddy aspect between Chaparro and Morgan, and the funny moments the two shared on screen between action scenes. “Every single day that me and Omar got on set we were tinkering with something,” Morgan said. “Enrique was very open to making sure that the language was fluent, going from Spanish into English sometimes and that the words were correct and also felt right for the characters as well. Me and Omar had alot of play.” Although the movie is a comedy, Chaparro as the hero of the story is not over the top as he can be seen in other roles.

The comedy is kept to the appropriate scenes and the action is placed at moments where it is fitting.Chaparro said that they wanted a different type of hero for this movie. Something different from the Hollywood heroes with capes. The movie is enjoyable. It’s a relaxing watch which can take an audience away from the everyday life and entertain for an hour and 40 minutes.

“Compadres” does not try to redefine the action-comedy, but it does a good job of making enough twists, contrasting the comedy and the action and spreading the comedy to more than just a single funny character,

Pantelion Films’ “Compadres” is now playing.

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