The Walking Dead Recap Show: “The Other Side” S7E14 Review [podcast]

Mike, Kristin and Brancey review the latest episode of #TheWalkingDead. “The Other Side” aired Sunday, March 19 on AMC. Huge #spoilers. Stay connected – search: The Walking Dead Recap Show on #iTunes.

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  • Whisper022000

    dude i just won a pass code from you guys to the cabin in the woods and now i cant get tickets. that sucks big time. was really looking forward to see that movie but guess not. man hook me up

    • Sorry – some bastard(s) shared the code. All gone. This weekend at the Roxy – we’re going to be giving away passes at the club (club promotion) – so that might be an idea.

  • Guest

    That movie was INSANE!!!! Horror & comedy that actually worked! Usually the horror part goes crap when they have comedy but i felt the goosebumps in my legs first and then it went thru my whole body…..and I can’t believe i freak out a bunch of times….This is an epic film that won’t be forgotten! Thanks so much for the tickets Mike! Hope you enjoyed the film as well!