The Krunk Show Podcast – Season 2 Episode 2 #podcast

The magic happened again y’all. Jammin Frickin’ J and I did it again. (lol) #TheKrunkShowPodcast episode 2!! I think it went great…Jammin J on the other hand thought it started great then got weird…real weird. (lol) Enjoy and thanks for listening and sharing!

DJ Jammin Frickin’ J and Mike Pierce bring you a variety of topics in season two’s The Krunk Show Podcast. Season 2 EP 2 aired LIVE Thursday, October 17 at 11am on

IG: @jamminfrickinj
Twitter: @jamminfrickinj

FB: /JamminFrickinJ

IG: mikethemovieguy
Twitter: mikethemovieguy
FB: /iwatchmike

As I mentioned earlier – we’re live on Facebook – if you’d rather watch us…here you go!!

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