Telemundo and Netflix Reveal the First Photos and Video of Luis Miguel La Serie

This year, the long-awaited series about legendary singer Luis Miguel, Luis Miguel La Serie, will finally be released!

Telemundo and Netflix shared the first official video of Diego Boneta as Luis Miguel in the series. For the first time, we see the actor, who will portray the world-renowned singer, saying “Music is a very difficult world, it is a very sacrificed career. Sometimes I ask myself if all was worth it.” Throughout the series, we see the singer overcome an array of difficulties in his pursuit of fame. He tackles challenges, makes sacrifices, and breaks world records to become one of the most famous Latino singers in history.


Aside from Mexican actor/singer Diego Boneto, the cast includes Óscar Jaenada as Luis’ dad Luis Rey, Camila Sodi as his love of his life, Paulina Dávila as his first love, and Juanpa Zurita as his brother Alex.

Throughout the most difficult times, Luis’ father and manager, Luis Rey was there for him. Luis Rey is played by Óscar Jaenada (Cantinflas, 2014).

Camila Sodi, his “big love.”

Social media star Juanpa Zurita plays Luis Miguel’s brother, Alejandro Basteria.

Paulina Dávila plays Luis Miguel’s first love, Issabela Camil.

The series in available in the US and Puerto Rico on Telemundo, and on Netflix in Latina America and Spain in 2018.

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